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Houston Couples Photographer

Being a Houston Couples Photographer, having the opportunity to tag along and document all of Lorena and Isau’s fun, definitely made this session one that I’ll always remember. Lorena and Isau are a timeless couple. When you are around them, you are around a couple full of life and true love. If you know them, there’s no denying it!

Houston Couples Photographer

Not only did I get to tag along on the fun, but I got to meet their two seriously cute pups! How could you not fall in love with those sweet little puppy faces?! If you have dogs, bring them to your photo shoots!
Speaking of dogs… That brings me to today’s topic – what to incorporate into your engagement or couples session!

Houston Couples Photographer

3 Things to Incorporate in Your Session:

1. Things to Hold

This could be something like a stylish hat or even a bouquet of flowers. Having something to hold or use as a prop can help bring extra colors or details into your photographs to help stand out and incorporate into different poses.

2. Something to Do

Are y’all a little adventurous? Do y’all love playing games? Maybe you love to curl up on the couch and eat snacks? Well, all of those are something that can be planned for your photo shoot! We can visit Kemah Boardwalk or even Galveston Island Pleasure Pier for some carnival games, even take your bike or motorcycle to your favorite spot or a rooftop in Downtown Houston. We can even grab a big fluffy blanket, make a little picnic, and bring your favorite snacks and even have a mini food fight – HAHA.

Houston Couples Photographer


Bringing your sweet pup (or pups!) along will not only be an amazing ice breaker between you and your Houston couples photographer, (especially me because I LOVE dogs!) – it can help you feel even more comfortable and bring more fun and natural smiles to your faces. Plus, your dog is part of your family! Including them in your photo shoot will only add to the fun!

Houston couples photographer
Houston couples photographer

If you’re on the hunt for a photographer to document your fun and love, we’re ready to hear from you! Visit our full website and click on our ‘contact’ button today!

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