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Addison & Kelly | Houston Engagement Photography

Houston Engagement Photography

“My love, you are worth it all.”

Houston Engagement Photography

When you are around Addison and Kelly, you are around the most authentic and fun couple you’ll probably ever meet. They are full of laughter, tons of fun, and you can tell they truly are the best of friends. And when it comes to Houston engagement photography, that’s exactly what I, as a photographer, want to document. There’s nothing better than the joy when capturing a true love like Addison and Kelly’s.

Houston Engagement Photography

Exploring Downtown…

We had the best time exploring Downtown Houston while taking some of the cutest photos! There’s just something about shooting downtown that makes me so excited – using the gorgeous buildings and scenery as our backdrops – we created some fun, unique, and unforgettable images.

Favorite Thing…

When I asked Kelly what her favorite thing was about her relationship with Addison was, she answered with, “one thing I appreciate is that we have a strong friendship in our relationship. We can be ourselves around each other and talk about anything.”
You can see and feel for yourself how big of a factor their friendship plays in their relationship. ⁣

Houston Engagement Photography

Your Person. Your Go-To…

There’s truly nothing like the feeling of when you find your person. The one that is there for you no matter the circumstance. The one that will stand with you and hold you up in the good times and the bad. And when you get engaged to your person, there’s comfort in knowing that your future is secure and your love will get even better over time.

Houston Engagement Photography

Not only is friendship and love important things to have in your relationship, but FUN! Addison and Kelly know how to have fun, that’s for sure! That is something that should always be showcased in Houston engagement photography and I am so glad I was able to do that for these cuties.

Snack time and a little food fight at the top of a parking garage? Why the heck not?!

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