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A little bit of info to make your couples session with your Texas couples photographer the best one yet!

Texas Couples Photographer

Hey friends! If you are currently planning a sweet, fun, couples session, then you’ve come to the right place! No matter what Texas couples photographer you’re working with, these are tips that will come in handy no matter what. Of course, I just had to feature our friends Brenda and Ramiro. Brenda is also a fellow Houston-area photographer! Make sure you take some time and check out her website: https://brendalozanophoto.com/

Texas Couples Photographer

Have you found the right location?

Texas is a huge place – as pretty much everyone knows, ya know? LOL! And each city offers its own special looks and locations for unforgettable images. We’re located in Houston, and I take advantage of being close to the city, as you can see from Brenda and Ramiro’s photos, as well as being pretty close to the coast. While you take the time to plan your photo session and consult with your Texas couples photographer, let them get to know you and what you two are like as a couple. This can help them if you don’t already have a location picked out. Trust that your photographer can and will find the perfect location that vibes with you as a couple. And if you already have a spot picked out, let them know!

Have you picked out an outfit?

Each photographer offers different types of packages to choose from. Some packages may even include an outfit change. Even if the package you’ve chosen doesn’t include an outfit change, you will want to make sure that your outfits mesh together well in regards to colors and any prints. (Please, for the love of everything, don’t wear something with a gigantic logo on it!) You’ll want to dress comfortably, but also like yourselves. You want your personality and your relationship to shine through in the photographs, so it’s important for you to feel like yourself and feel good about it! If you’re stuck on what to wear, reach out to your Texas couples photographer because it’s likely that this isn’t their first rodeo. Let them guide you on colors and how to dress for the season. I have a “What-To-Wear Guide” I enjoy sending my clients when they need some ideas on how to style themselves.

*Outfit hack: If you are only wearing one outfit, bring a jacket/sweater option or even a change of shoes to switch up the looks a little bit!*

Texas Couples Photographer

Do you want new photos, but are still searching for a Texas couples photographer?

There are so many kind, wonderful, and talented photographers all over the state of Texas. I understand how tough it can be to decide which direction to go when finding the perfect person to document your love. What style do we like? What are their packages like? Are they in our budget? Do they offer a payment plan? These are all great questions and I can say that these are all things I don’t mind being asked, but will also probably offer up that info on my own anyway – lol!

If you like what Wolfden Collective has to offer, and you’d like to reach out for more information on what we can offer you for your couples session experience, visit our contact page and get in touch with us today!

Texas Couples Photographer

Did ya know?

We recently opened our photography studio – The Wolfden! Interested in hearing more about it? All you gotta do is click here and see photos and info in the blog:

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