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Houston Graphic Designer

When Kayla from Beauty Bar & Apothecary got in touch with us, we were ecstatic for the opportunity to work with her and to help bring her logo dreams to life. She shared what her business was about, what her vision was for her logo, and from there it was smooth sailing!
The life of a Houston graphic designer is never boring! Being a graphic designer gives us opportunities to work with some incredible people and businesses – just like Kayla’s!

When you begin looking for your go-to Houston graphic designer to help with your branding and logo, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

.01 Understand why you need a logo

For your business, big or small, your logo helps clients recognize your business. You need a logo to help your clients and customers identify your business, especially when it comes to your online presence, promotional, and marketing needs.

.02 Define your brand

There’s so much more to a brand than just your logo, though. Having a consistent brand identity and brand strategy will really set you apart from other businesses. A brand will add to your recognizability factor when clients see your business. Here’s an example of what a thorough brand design can look like:

.03 Send your Houston graphic designer some design inspiration

Kayla was a big help in this aspect when it came to us designing her logo. She knew what she wanted, sent some inspiration, and we worked together to make the dreamy logo for her beauty and apothecary business.
Although inspiration may be sent our way, that does not mean we will copy what another company has done or steal someone’s hard work. We want to see your ideas, hear your vision and passion, that way we can use our skills and make your dreams come true.

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